About Us


RGL has developed a Quality, Health & Safety and Environment Management System for better fulfillment of the needs of its clients and to improve the management to achieve efficiencies and better Environment, Health and Safety outcomes.

The scope of the Health, Safety and Environmental system for RGL includes:
« To provide necessary guidelines with respect to various permit to work guidelines at site operations.
« To provide effective and systematic Incident investigation and reporting mechanisms, to ensure that further risks of workplace incidents are eliminated.
« To ensure that all waste generated as the result of manufacturing activities is stored, handled and disposed of in a manner that takes account of Local Government Regulations, Contractor and Client requirements.
« To mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recover from operational emergencies as may occur in or near the Project during execution of work.
« Comply with all legal and other requirements applicable to RGL activities in relation with Health, Safety and Environmental matters.
« To provide and specify the methodology of QHSE risk & impacts assessment; and the development of controls as appropriate for RGL.
« To provide instructions and to assign responsibilities for controlling those operations and activities those are associated with QHSE Risk and Impact.


We maintain an open, honest and comfortable atmosphere where people can feel good about their work and their colleagues. Our employees are proud of the Company’s commitment to the following ideals:

Quality : A commitment to quality is a commitment to the best in all of us. Self-respect and the respect of others are the rewards that result from a quality job.
Client Satisfaction : Striving for perfection in anticipation of exceeding our clients’ highest expectations. Building good client relationships through leadership, creative solutions and hard work.
Safety : "Safety is our first priority". Construction is a hazardous business and RGL is dedicated to education, implementation and self-monitoring all safety programs to ensure the safest working environment for all our employees.
Team Work : The team is greater than the sum of its individual parts. Simply stated, our Company is only as good as the chemistry that exists between us.
Individual Initiative : The courage and tenacity required to promote new ideas is the result of the hero that exists in all of us. We encourage everyone to look for better ways of doing things and foster the forums in which expressing those ideas become reality.
Profitability : We view profitability as a way to strengthen the Company and as a means to perform more desirable projects and provide a better working environment.